DOTEDU has Parents, Schools, Students at heart to help them achieve futuristic communication and e-learning ambitions.

Student Monthly Growth
Get a graphical presentation of the student's monthly performance. Student's struggles are noticed way before consultation day or end of term exams.
Quizzes & Books
Instead of most getting entertainment the mobile phone, learners are able to access read-only book materials and do instantly marked quizzes.
In App Inquiry
Yes! No more going to the school to make in inquiry. Do it right inside DotEDU and get a response while saving time and travelling costs.

Where does the Advanced Communicator apply?

The Advanced Communicator Platform facilitates communication between the School, Students, and Parents. Institutions that can benefit from the Advanced Communicator Platform include Preschools, Primary Schools and High Schools. If your institution is one of these then do not waste any more time. Get in touch with us today!
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Secure Login

Every learner's profile is private. The School gives each student a unique login credential. Only the School has the ability to change a password or request a new password for the user.
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In App Inquiries

Have a question or something to ask the School? Inquire directly from anywhere you are whether locally or from the diaspora and get a timely authentic response from the School helping you save time.
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Important Stats in One Dashboard

Knowing how your learner spends their day in class helps you as a parent to stay informed and also complement the teacher thereby making a positive impact in the learner's academic life.
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Not into reading?

We definitely understand. Just press PLAY and know about our Advanced Communicator Platform within 2 minutes!
Interactive Attendance Register
Access an interactive attendance register that's cool to an extent that it even displays the absence reason given to the School.
School Fees Status
No need to visit the School to get fees update. The School Fees Status module provides enough details of expected fees, what was paid and what's left to pay.
Access to Books & Quizzes
Anytime anywhere, a learner can access read-only text books and instantly marked quizzes bridging the learning divide and promote access to education content.
Events & Notices
Complement the child's academic life by staying in the loop of all School Events, Announcements, Notices and Emergency Notifications.

Important Questions You Might Have

We are not leaving behind the little ones!

Do you have a toddler? A child in preschool or in 3rd grade but with development delay? Then the dotPreschool application will come in handy in ways you cannot imagine. Focusing its drive on edutainment, the application has videos that have learning value. From teaching to identify numbers, letters, colors, objects to basic home science experiments, the dotPreschool application is the missing link to complement in helping your child obtain 21st Century Communication skills.

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