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Advanced Communicator for Students and Parents

Each student has a unique username and password that is securely generated from their information such as name, surname, date of birth, address and class which makes the passwords difficult to guess. All credentials are passed from the School to the learners who will relay to parents. In the event that a learner’s password is forgotten or lost, the School takes care of that, no passwords are changed directly from within the Advanced Communicator Platform.

Some of the features of the DOTEDU Advanced Communicator

This is the interactive attendance register of the learner showing presence or absence from school. Instead of the parents getting to know their child’s attendance at consultation day they get to know it weekly.
Exam Info
This lists and displays upcoming exams or tests including their dates helping parents complement a child’s academic life through extra lessons and provision of extra study time at home.
Displays the results of the upcoming exams that have now passed or even those from the end of term exams. The results are specific for that particular learner making it easier for parents in the diaspora or those away from home to easily access their child’s report. No users can see other user’s data unless they have been given the login credentials.
Shows Text Books or Books Extracts in read-only versions that are not downloadable for the learner to use at study ensuring reading content is available for school children, even those who don’t have access to specific books at home.
In-App Inquiry
Send inquiries directly to the school and get a response back on the same page saving time and unnecessary movement to and from the school.
For help or more information on features which can be utilized by both students and parents in the Advanced Communicator platform, please get in touch with our Support Team through the Live Chat button or Contact Us page..
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