It's now EASY to have your own School Communicator App!

Thinking of a cost-effective, modern, fast and efficient way to enhance communication at your school? DOTEDU has good news! It's as easy as 123. Get in touch with us to have your School's own communicator application with personalized school name and logo. We understand your School has its e-Education aspirations and DOTEDU is here to help you achieve that at a small licensing fee! This is your chance to do away with a developer, hosting, API and App Store fees. To make things even better, we have our data capturing team on standby who will chip in as required at no extra cost if the school staff is busy. How about that! You can utilize some next level communication features shown on the image at your right. If further details are needed do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.
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The Education Infrastructure Development Fund (EIDF) is an annual program where schools in urban and rural setups are awarded a Development Fund for their role in embracing and consistently utilizing DOTEDU applications. As you proceed with this document it is important to note that DOTEDU management can at its discretion accept or deny the program for a school, award a school annually, biannually, termly and also select the award or items given to a school.


DOTEDU aims to provide technological solutions that improves communication and promotes e-learning at your school. For such to be achieved in a synchronized manner, mutual participation is required where DOTEDU chooses and provides one type of these items as an EIDF award for the school: Computers for the school, Tablets for the school, School internet connection, Solar Power generation system, Refurbishment of school computer laboratory and Borehole drilling to help create a conducive learning environment.


The Education Infrastructure Development Fund (EIDF) program is for Preschools, Primary Schools and High Schools in rural, peri-urban and urban areas who embrace, utilize DOTEDU products and meets some few Requirements.

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